Initial consultation and treatment:

·        £55 (1 hour)

Follow up and/or standard treatment:

·        £32 (½ hour)

·        £50 (1 hour)

(10% off for Students/NHS workers)

Discounts available for treatment packages:

BSTT is committed to getting your body healthy for the long term and not just providing a “quick fix”. For clients who are serious about their long term health, getting the best out of their body and achieving a fuller recovery, BSTT offer a number of custom packages to provide periods of ongoing treatment at a discount. Please ask about these at your initial consultation.


I have found that the treatment, stretches and strengthening ideas Olivia has given me have helped me become a stronger athlete. Particularly proven after a sustained period of limited running and focusing on the given strength ideas, I was able to run near my best earlier in the year with 31.22 in the 10k. The treatment has also allowed me to return to and maintain high training volumes required for distance running. Overall, I feel more powerful, with improved form in races.

— Elite Distance Runner